Bibliotecha at the Manilla Biennale


An instance of Bibliotecha was part of The Manilla Biennale Zine Fest. The Filipino instance was renamed to Hoholtecha, as a reference to Xerox Hohol - a series of book pirating parties held in a small coffeeshop located right next to a copy shop on Sucat Road, Manila.

Hoholtecha at Manila Biennale

Hoholtecha at Manila Biennale

Hoholtecha at Manila Biennale - No budget to buy zines? Iz hokay. Everything is free at HOHOLTECHA. Free PDFs for every all. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop. With love, Hardworking Goodlooking

The story behind Hoholtecha starts in ZineCamp 2017, where I met Clara Balaguer, a cultural worker based in Manila who was in Rotterdam for a residency in Print Room. She is the founder of Hardworking Goodlooking - design studio and publishing arm of The Office of Culture and Design - and facilitator of Xerox Hohol. When attending one of her talks, it seemed pretty clear to me that it could be useful - and fun - to have a digital distribution hub for the pirated publications as well. Florian Cramer provided a raspi, and Clara and I then met for a 'Bibliotecha session' after which we had an instance (almost) ready to use - a few details were finished a couple of days after. So Clara took the raspi with her to the Philippines, where Hoholtecha nailed it at distributing files at the Biennale. :) Bibliotecha thanks everyone that was somehow involved!